I've included these pages because a number of people have been kind enough to comment favourably on my lyrics. I don't have space for all my songs so this is just a selection, which may change from time to time. If there's a particular song for which you'd like me to post the lyrics, get in touch via the contact page and I'll be happy to add them.

Please remember though that song lyrics make no pretence at being poetry, at least mine don't.....they're created with the intention of being listened to in the context of the song's melody, harmony and rhythm, and the vocal phrasing makes a huge difference. They can look at bit odd laid bare on the page, all on their lonesome.

Go to the music page to listen to some of these songs (or better still buy the CDs!) and get the lyrics as they were meant to be heard.

It's Called The Blues (from Reboot)

Like A Book (from Long Story Short)

Long Story Short (from Long Story Short)

Man Of Few Words (unrecorded)

The Question (from Long Story Short)

The Shortest Day (from Long Story Short)

Too Fast (from Reboot)

Zero (from Reboot)